Experiments and unfinished work


This is a collection of excerpts from old work that I still really like and projects I work on at the side.


I see this as a combination of an archive and a scratchpad. I likely won’t update it very often, though.

Book list

As a bookworm and record-keeping-nerd, one of my slowly progressing side projects is to build a little app to track the books, articles and papers I’m reading. While that’s a work in progress, I made a little virtual bookshelf with a selection of books from my favorite topics.

Generative art

I’ve been fascinated by generative art and design since I started studing Interaction Design five years ago, but rarely got around to make something myself. Now I’m finally learning more in depth about the tools to create generative art and started sharing my progress on Instagram @johannamrth.

Abstract generated color painting
Abstract generated color painting

Pixel icons

Back in 2017, I was part of the group of students that started the Openmoji project. An early exercise included designing a set of pixel icons (first), going through a few different variations (second).